Don the Beachcomber Story - Food & Drink Recipes
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Don The Beachcomber
Host to Diplomat, Beachcomber, Prince and Pirate

To quench your spirit, and for your drinking pleasure, revealed for the very first time between the covers of this new book are 32 of the 90 original secret tropical rhum drink recipes created by Donn Beach, a.k.a Don the Beachcomber, almost 70 years ago.
But that isnít all. Donn Beach was also a fabulous chef, and after he sold the last of his famous Don the Beachcomber restaurants at the International Market Place in the heart of Waikiki, he continued practicing his culinary skills while preparing incredible meals for his wife, Phoebe, and invited guests at his home. Inside this book you will find some of his favorite food selections which include appetizers, salads and dressings, entrees, coffee drinks, and desserts, all items planned for a dinner party of four.
By 1950 at the age of forty-three Don the Beachcomber was already a living legend. Those who knew him found the manner in which this extraordinary, world renowned entrepreneur lived his life to be fascinating, and it is for this reason that vignettes describing various episodes of the life and career of the Beachcomber are scattered throughout this book so you, too, can begin to know this unique, and well-loved human being.

A Wonderful Gift or Souvenir of your trip to Hawaii


Included in this collection is the exceptionally exquisite taste of the original Mai Tai, the Zombie - made of five different rums, Missionaries Downfall, Vicious Virgin, The Ideal Breakfast, and more.

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ISBN 1-56647-692-5